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HIILIB32.SYS Information

  • Error Name:
  • Operating System:
  • Mac,Vista,WinME,
  • File Size:
  • 3.73KB
  • File Description:
  • 32-bit Windows HII Libraries Device Driver
  • Reviews:
  • 31602
  • Online computer:
  • Fix HIILIB32.SYS

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HIILIB32.SYS is a key process in operation system, which is responsible for system services that run from dynamic link libraries (files with extension .dll). Because it is used as a common system process, some spyware often uses a process name of "HIILIB32.SYS" to disguise itself. By hiding under the fake name - “HIILIB32.SYS”, spyware can damage more files and ruin your system gradually. Some spyware inject a .dll file into the authentic HIILIB32.SYS process.

The normal location of the HIILIB32.SYS file is in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, HIILIB32.SYS is a virus, spyware, Trojan or worm!

Why do you need to repair HIILIB32.SYS error?

Because it brings these problems to your computer:

Constantly popped- up HIILIB32.SYS error messages
Surprising number of Blue Screen of Death Errors Messages
System crashes
Windows shutdown problems
Damaged Windows Registry Files caused by this error
Serious loss of confidential and sensitive data

Ways to fix HIILIB32.SYS

1. Check the processes on the Process tab. You can press Ctrl-Alt-Del to run the Task Manager. (Please be clear that some threats may mislead you with similar names. You should be more careful while checking the threat items.)

2. Run a repair program to fix HIILIB32.SYS problem. A high reputed tool is Registry Repair, which aims to fix various PC errors and optimize PC system. Now let this excellent repair tool - Registry Repair to fix your PC problems instantly!

It is almost impossible to fix the corrupted or infected HIILIB32.SYS manually. Are you annoyed by constantly PC errors now? Why not repair all the suspicious corrupted files by only one click here?

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